Comfort Slat Mats Colorado | NextGen Group


NextGen Group has a safe, comfortable solution for farmers that want to keep their cattle protected and healthy, while also making things easier on themselves, too. By providing you with slat mats for your Colorado pit barn, we think we can help you improve your farming business.

cattle slat matsA great way to keep your cattle safe, healthy and comfortable is through the use of our Comfort Slat Mats. Not only will your livestock be comfortable, but you will minimize costs and labor. There are several benefits of Comfort Slat Mats over concrete slats:

  • By eliminating bedding, you can lower costs of not only the material, but the labor involved in loading and removing it.
  • You are able to fit more cattle per square foot than in an open lot or bedded farm, giving you a smaller footprint.
  • Pit barns are environmentally friendly, as they keep manure and urine from washing away into water sources.
  • By containing the waste, the maximum amount of nutrients is saved for use later in fertilizer.

Comfort Slat Mats are custom-installed by a professional repair team from NextGen Group. We can adapt our mats to whatever type of livestock you have: large beef cattle, average cattle, dairy cows or calves.


NextGen Group wants to make your life easier, while also providing you an environmentally sound option that takes your animals' welfare into consideration. By keeping your cattle safe and comfortable, you will have a bigger return on your investment when it comes to market time. Some other advantages we offer over our competition are:

  • Better heat detection through the use of green or white mats
  • Calves and cattle are healthier and cleaner
  • Curved floor reduces waste buildup
  • Dryer and cleaner floor
  • Fixed to floor with spring-loaded system
  • Increases milk yield of dairy cows
  • Long-lasting and durable materials
  • Reduces ammonia by up to 40%
  • Reduction in cattle lameness and injury

Contact us today to learn more about our Comfort Slat Mats and how NextGen Group can improve the lives of you and your cattle. We have the right solution for your Colorado cattle farm.