Beef Cattle Mats

Green Floor System

beef cattle slat matComfort Slat Mats will significantly reduce lameness caused by the typical bare concrete slat. Due to the unique design of our slat mats, the cattle feel more comfortable and secure, and in turn, will go to bunk more often, in addition to laying down more. You'll find that, once these mats are installed, there will be a significant increase in feed efficiencies. The unique curved properties of the mat will keep your cattle much cleaner in both the summer and winter, in fact when the manure freezes on the mats, the flex of the mat will cause the manure to break off the mat and fall into the pit, leaving the surface of the mats extremely clean. You'll find that Comfort Slat Mats are one of the quickest returns on investment in the livestock industry.

We have found that Comfort Slat Mats Green Floor System is the only tested, approved and patented mat in the world that addresses both animal welfare and the environment. Another benefit is that mats can come in white for areas that get a lot of sun, this has been shown to be 50 degrees cooler than a black mat. The curve of the slat mats allows them to have a cored center that allows waste to be removed quickly and easily to the tank below, helping to keep the animals clean. Because slat mats remove waste so efficiently and the pit barn is able to contain the waste, there is little chance that environmental hazards will occur due to waste leakage.

There are many benefits including:

  • Curved to flat floor
  • Dryer and cleaner floor
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Reduction in ammonia up to 40%

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