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Easy to Install – U.S. Slat Mats

slat mats installed in IowaWe make it our business to find new and easy ways to install our slat mats. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to make the process easier for you. You can see in the attached video that our two-man team is very easily installing our slat mat in a pit barn. As of late 2015 we have a new install tool shown in the video.

The process involves sizing and laying out the mats needed for the location. Once this is complete the hard part is done! Using the slat mat install tool and two people, one person lines up the mats and another person steps them into place. They can keep this pace up through the day and only need to change people a few times at most. This keeps installation costs down.

Our Slat Mats: Easy for Installers, Easier on the Livestock

Once the slat mats are installed you can see easily how the provide comfort to the livestock in the barn. You will be able to observe how easy it is to get up and down. Check our products for calves, dairy cows, and beef cattle. If you would like a free sample of our product, contact us using the form linked here, or at the bottom of our website. You can see the difference for yourself.

We are proud to say that our products are all about making life easier. Easier for the installer, and the livestock that benefit from our slat mats. Contact us to get a quote or learn more about the product.