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Automatic Milk Feeding vs Handheld Bottles for Young Livestock

Cattle FeederSince automatic milking has become popular over the years, it has been a topic of discussion. People want to know just how effective automatic milk feeding machines are compared to handheld bottles. One popular myth is that it prevents the bonding process between the handler and the calves. However, the milk feeding system offers a better way to feed calves than a handheld bottle because it allows your livestock to drink multiple smaller meals throughout the day which is the way mother nature intended. Keeping calves healthy and thriving can be a challenge for farmers, but the Uddermatic allows farmers to monitor and track the cattle’s performance over time.

Benefits of the Uddermatic Milk Feeding System

Without proper nutrition, calves can encounter serious health issues while they are young or later in life. The Uddermilk Milk Feeding System allows a feeding schedule at minimal effort for the operator.

The Uddermatic Milk Feeding offers the following benefits:

  • Manages the farm by providing flexibility
  • Promotes a cleaner environment for both cows and the farmer
  • More frequent and consistent feeding
  • Benefits animal health, fertility and production
  • Capable of feeding up to 200 calves or 800 small ruminants
  • Improves livestock performance up to 2.5 times birth weight in 60 days
  • Group or individual pens
  • Individual pen milk recipes

Types of Uddermatic Milk Feeding Systems

There are two types of Uddermatic milk feeding systems: stationary and track systems. Both systems are highly durable and consistent, and designed to promote healthy livestock.

The stationary system includes the A150 Stationary Feeder. Its durable design is equipped to feed up to 20 calves, making it a more flexible system in the farming industry. In addition, the A150T Rail Feeder offers amenities, providing a milk consumption history, camera options, and remote access capabilities. The A150T Rail Feeder can feed up to 200 calves, including individual recipes to manage weaning curves.

The Uddermatic System is a simple, yet effective feeder made from stainless steel and nylon parts. If you are looking for a cost effective milk feeding solution, consider the Uddermatic Milk Feeding System.